Adult video insider, Matt Slayer, hosts breezy podcast talk show

Influenced by long-form conversation shows like the Joe Rogan Experience and Bertcast.

Paul Trenton · 06 Dec 2018

Who are you?

I'm host of "And Now We Drink." I'm a 2018 AVN and Xbiz nominee. I'm a long time adult industry insider. I've also worked in music and security. The show itself is a long form conversation show that attempts to give the listener the feeling that they're sitting on a barstool next to my guest and I as we chat.

Where did the idea for "And Now We Drink" come from?

At the time I was working a job that afforded me the ability to listen to podcasts all day. I am influenced by long-form conversation shows like the Joe Rogan Experience and Bertcast.

I pitched the idea to my then co-host AVN award-winning adult performer Draven Star at a house party. Draven and I felt adding drinking to the show would help keep things loose. We initially titled the show “The 288 Podcast”—288 is California police code for lewd conduct. Which ended up being a joke that very few people got. After about a year Draven split and former adult performer/Internet personality Annie Cruz joined the show. At that point, we felt a rebrand was in order to give new listeners a better idea of what the show is about.

What are you hoping to accomplish with your podcast? How do you define success for this project?

In an ideal world, ANWD would be my full-time gig. In the immediate future, I define success as continuing to entertain both long time and new listeners.

What is your day job?

Like everyone in sunny LA, I hold down a couple of gigs. When I started the podcast I was working as a P.I. but also working on adult sets as a production assistant or in a non-sex role. You won’t find my cock on tape, sorry folks.

You said you would like the podcast to be your full-time gig, do you have a plan to make that happen?

The plan is to continue producing weekly content and getting quality guests. In addition to my own show, I do production work, too.

What attracted you to the adult video industry? How did you get in?

I randomly fell into it. I was working armed security in Chicago. One of the bars I hung in had a "Burning Angel" night in 2010, and there were a dozen performers that regularly worked for Burning Angel living in Chicago that attended. I ended becoming friends with that Chicago crew and through them met more people in the industry. I ended up working for a bunch of performers in the feature dance/convention circuit.

In 2011 I met a director who I became fast friends with, and he convinced me to move to Vegas because he was opening a studio. The studio never happened, but once I was in Vegas, I met even more people in the industry. I continued to provide security for a number of performers for the next few years.

What promotional strategies have been the most effective for your podcast?

Regular social media interaction, respond to anyone who messages me, get the guests to promote – the basic stuff.

And what have been the least effective strategies?

Paid Twitter Ads didn't move the needle.

How are you growing your social media following?

A lot of my social media presence is me out drinking/partying/ traveling or the occasional off-color joke. I try to respond to anyone who hits me up on social media. The listeners are what make the show happen.

Approximately, how many listeners do you have?

Generally, in the thousands, the listenership varies from guest to guest. Some guests that I'm excited about don't resonate, and some episodes I haven't been the most thrilled with have been some of the top downloaded. It’s more of an art than science, really.

What feedback have you received?

The feedback the show has received has been mostly positive. There have a few negative reviews on iTunes, some of which stemming from political views expressed by guests. One dude out there apparently hates my voice. The content of the show is explicit, and I do my best, to be honest with the audience including oversharing at times. I don’t expect or want that to be palatable to everyone. I appreciate every tweet, Instagram mention from listeners.

What feedback have you received?

Its funny, some of my favorite episodes aren’t the top downloaded episodes. I love the show with Dino Cazares from Fear Factory. Fear Factory is a band I’ve been into since high school, and I was just thrilled to have him on. The fact that episode came together from me running into Dino backstage at a 3Teeth show in LA made it even more magical.

Another episode I enjoyed was with Michael Fattorosi who is one of the top adult entertainment lawyers and an old friend. I had a great time catching up with him in a cafe in a locals casino in Vegas. The episode got in-depth into the business side of adult entertainment. At the time I wasn’t sure how interested the audience would be. Thankfully it's been well received.

How many people are involved in the production of your podcast and what are their roles?

The day-to-day of ANWD is mostly a one-man show. Annie bailed in October of 2017 due to scheduling conflicts. I’ve been doing post-production since our 3rd episode. When Draven and I first started, we had a professional editor signed on. I feel like she (the editor) expected the project to be less work intensive than it actually ended up being. She ended up departing abruptly, which left me to figure out how to do the post-production work myself. I’m thankful she left. It gave me the opportunity to develop my skills. An author friend of mine, Robert Dean often acts as a sounding board and aids with the copy for the show's press.

How do you monetize your podcast?

We have a couple of sponsors: Ghost tequila has been with us for a long time. We do spots for Loot Crate, Gamefly and Vinyl Me, Please. I also do the podcast live at Spearmint Rhino’s Dames n' Games topless sports bar and grill here in LA.

How do you promote your podcast?

The promotion is multifaceted. I maintain a healthy presence on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. I make sure to stay active on Reddit. I also jump on other people’s podcasts whenever possible.



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