Jax Denic: Subliminates Podcast

"Four friends come together to discuss the crazy world and go off the rails while doing so—with one contributing factor: alcohol."

Paul Trenton · 12 Dec 2018

Who are you? (A short bio about family, career and interests.)

My name is Myles Horn with the online persona of Jax Denic (YouTube, Twitter, Playstation, all that jazz). I actually have two families. My blood family which is my mom, stepdad, and older brother. Oh, and three half-sisters. My bond family is through my close friends and co-hosts of our podcast: Subliminates Podcast. They say that the podcast and our family is because of me, but it's a joint effort.

Currently, I work at a gas station full time and make the podcast every Wednesday. I'm interested in music, video gaming (although i haven't really gamed the past month. I'm working on getting another PS4), anime, Minecraft, and deep diving YouTube for memes both old and new.

I'm pretty late to the meme game, which i just recently found out about the "/music plays" meme. It's pretty thought-provoking.

How did you get started? Where did the idea come from?

It just came about while listening to Off Topic by Achievement Hunter and the Rooster Teeth Podcast. It seemed like a rad idea to talk about random madness while keeping it somewhat grounded while talking about current events and whatnot. Me and Lionel (founding member of the podcast), decided to make a podcast combining his artistic and technological skills with my editing and ability to come up with random topics.

Lionel had the microphone and i had the laptop. From there, we made more and more episodes, infused alcohol with chatting, and even got the final two of our family to take part in the production.

What are you hoping to accomplish with your podcast?

The big dream is to be in a convention hall doing the podcast for hundreds of people of the Subliminates community. Granted, the community has yet to be started and it's a long way to the dream. For now, my hope is to not only have a community base, but to have more voices in the podcast. Sometimes, I feel as if the four (sometimes five) voices aren't enough to the off topic madness that the podcast is about. I am pretty happy with my family being a part of something that can be big.

How many people are involved in the production of your podcast and what are their roles?

The core team is four. Myself, Lionel, Blair, and Dravebot. Usually, i'm the one who runs the scene unless i'm completely drunk and then Dravebot takes over. Lionel is the founder of the podcast, aside from me, but he's more of a leader from the shadows. However, he does do the artistic styling and dank meme lord stuff. Blair is the makeup guru and legend. She does makeup for herself, but she is the most knowledgeable about that stuff. Blair is the one who would move things along when things get a bit way too off track. Dravebot is the life of the podcast. Dark jokes, puns, and alcohol pro (along with Blair). Without Dravebot, then there wouldn't be much humor in the episodes.

How do you monetize your podcast?

I put the podcast on YouTube and monetize it. I also put some behind the scenes on my patreon

How do you promote your podcast?

Word of mouth with friends. I gotta work on that, haha.

How are people likely to discover your podcast?

Whether it's word of mouth with friends and hoping they tell their friends or creating a business card and going to restaurants where they have the "free lunch" contest bowl, it's mainly going onto social media and trying to put the name into the ether. Especially on Reddit. There's so many people and connections on there, so it's an interesting place to go to here and there

How much time do you spend in a month working on the podcast? How much time per episode?

Well, it's a weekly thing (unless something happens and need to skip a week or two), so i do spend a few hours a week coming up with ideas and news and title choices. Editing takes an hour to three hours. In a month, i spend roughly 20 hours a month total. Per each episode, it depends on how much needs to be said and how long the episode runs.

What else is on your mind? What interesting question did I miss?

I had the idea of a mascot for the podcast which would be Dravebot's dog, Duke. But i have yet to find an artist who would have different styles of art, so the team can be animated in different styles.



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