Scott Johnson: What Was That Like

Each episode is an interview with a regular person who has experienced some type of extremely unusual situation.

Paul Trenton · 12 Dec 2018

Who are you?

My name is Scott Johnson and I live in Safety Harbor, Florida with my wife of 34 years. We have two grown children who also live locally, and we also enjoy the company of our two Yorkies, Lilly and Fenway (my wife is from New England and a Red Sox fan - guess which one she named).

How did you get started? Where did the idea come from?

I own a computer services company, and I've actually been podcasting for my business for over 6 years. That gave me a good fundamental understanding of how podcasting works. Then, about a year ago, I had the idea of starting a new podcast. This show would be completely unrelated to computers or business. Honestly, the idea came from the fact that this is a show that I personally would want to listen to, and I couldn't find any other show like it. I was at Podfest Multimedia Expo in February, and everyone I talked to about this show idea thought it would be really interesting, which I took as confirmation that it was a good idea.

The show is called What Was That Like, and each episode is an interview with a regular, everyday person who has been through some type of really unusual situation.

For the very first episode, I talked with a young mother in Texas who had accidentally killed someone. She pulled into an intersection without seeing the motorcycle approaching from her left. She had her two young children in the car with her at the time. I was able to obtain the audio of the 911 call she made from the scene (she had not even heard that herself until now). She talked about the psychological aftermath—guilt, grief, PTSD—how to explain to your children that mommy might have to go to prison and how it affected her marriage, lots of aspects. Since that one, I've had some very intriguing conversation with people who have an unusual story to tell. The tagline is "Real People in Unreal Situations".

What are you hoping to accomplish with your podcast?

For the most part, I want to create compelling content that makes someone say, "Wow, I have to listen to that". And in some episodes, there is the second motivation of increasing awareness of a particular subject. For example, one interview is with Mark, a Tampa lawyer who gave his kidney to a stranger. He explained the whole process, and hoped that others might see the need and how easy it is, so that they will consider donating as well.

How many people are involved in the production of your podcast and

what are their roles?

For production, I handle everything. Eventually I would like to outsource some of the tasks, such as editing, in order to free up some time.

How do you monetize the podcast?

I don't currently monetize the podcast at all, so it's difficult to justify adding more expenses for production. I will probably monetize at some point but I would like to build up the audience first.

How do you promote your podcast?

I promote the podcast through Facebook (my own page, a community page for the show, and some local FB pages with lots of members), Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, a local Podcasters group, and word of mouth.



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