Interview: Two Millenials One Podcast

Current events and culture through the eyes of two millennials at separate ends of the generation. (Topics ranging from politics to ghosting to how millennials are "killing" the napkin industry.)

Paul Trenton · 12 Dec 2018

Who are you?

I am a public school teacher. I have taught mathematics for 7 years. I enjoy music, running, and politics.

How did you get started? Where did the idea come from?

The idea for the podcast came after my faculty assistant and I realized that we would spend most of the hour talking about a variety of topics. We decided to record one of our conversations and turn it into a podcast. After immediately getting banned from recording conversations on campus, we moved the operation to a remote location and have been going strong ever since.

What are you hoping to accomplish with your podcast?

The idea behind the podcast is to discuss issues that are relevant to millennials, but to also make that discussion accessible by listeners of any generation. The millennial generation receives a lot of hate and we want to show the world that we're not all bad. We also attempt to share a variety of viewpoints.

How many people are involved in the production of your podcast and what are their roles?

Two full-time hosts and several fill-in hosts. I do the the editing and promotion.

How do you monetize your podcast?

We have not and do not plan to monetize the podcast. Podcast ads are incredibly annoying and we did not go into this to make money.

How do you promote your podcast?

We share our podcast with followers through Facebook and Twitter. We curate a Spotify playlist of suggested songs. We will seek out special guests who may share the show with their followers.

How do you choose topics and guests?

We have a running list of topics that we compile and work from. We pay attention to current events as well to see if anything happening in society/the culture is important to our generation.

How much time do you spend in a month working on the podcast? How much time per episode?

We are a weekly podcast, so we produce four episodes a month. Each episode, from start to finish, takes about 4 hours to make. Approximately 16 hours per month is dedicated to our podcast.

How are people likely to discover your podcast?

Word of mouth, stumbling upon it by searching for a millennial podcast, Facebook/Twitter.

What is your favorite episode (and why)?

My favorite episode so far was our show entitled "HATE." In it, we looked at the rise in extremism and the proliferation of hate groups within the millennial generation. I felt that the episode was well researched and we were even able to land an interview with a rather prominent white nationalist.

There was a lot of fear in publishing that episode because A) we gave a white nationalist a platform to speak and B) the theme of the episode was to "not hate". We were afraid we would wind up offending everyone that listened. We published anyway and aside from some trolling by the followers of the white nationalist, we received a lot of positive feedback for exploring a topic that many people weren't aware of.

What is the best and worst feedback you have received so far?

The best feedback is when someone tells me they "have listened to every episode". It reassures us that we are creating something relevant and worth listening to.

The worst feedback was the alt-right backlash I referenced before. Nothing like enraging a hate group.



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