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This is daily Apple news. Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings commute-sized tech news to the podsphere. If it's Apple news, Apple-related ne...

Mac OS Ken: 03.19.2019

Mac OS Ken 20m 59s

- Apple Updates iPad mini, (Kind of) Reintroduces iPad Air - Apple Kills 10.5-Inch iPad Pro - MacRumors Compares New iPad Air Versus 10.5-Inch iPad Pro - iMore Compares 2018 iPad with New iPad Air - AppleCare+ for iPad Air Same $69 as 9.7-Inch iPad - AppleCare+ for iPad Now Covers Apple Pencil - ...

Mac OS Ken: 03.18.2019

Mac OS Ken 15m 27s

- Spotify Fires Back at Apple Firing Back - Maxell Sues Apple for Allegedly Violating 10 Patents - Stanford/Apple Watch Heart Study an Apparent Success - Walmart Launching Own ONN Android Tablet for Kids - Apple Places Series Order for “Pachinko” - Apple Builds Team to Chase Film and Video Awards...

Mac OS Ken: 03.15.2019

Mac OS Ken 18m 44s

- Apple Opens Registration for WWDC 2019 - Microsoft SDK to Bring Xbox Live Features to iOS and Android - Cowen Analyst Sings a Song of Services - Morgan Stanley Sees Stabilization of iPhone Demand in China - Report: Apple Making iPhone Harder to Get in India - Spotify CEO Keeps Talking Smack Abo...

Mac OS Ken: 03.14.2019

Mac OS Ken 14m 54s

- Bloomberg Floats Apple Pay Credit Card as Possible for “Show Time” Event - Spotify Files Formal Complaint Against Apple with European Commission - KeyBanc: Spotify Complaint Carries “Meaningful Risk” - Apple Music Hits Amazon’s Fire TV in the U.S. - Apple Confirms Acquisition of Machine Learnin...

Mac OS Ken: 03.13.2019

Mac OS Ken 9m 40s

- Signs in Latest macOS Beta Point to Apple News Magazines - Wedbush Bullish on Apple (If It Buys Big in Content) - Apple Growing Developer Initiatives in Singapore and Indonesia - Kahney Book on Tim Cook Due Out in Mid-April - Get a jump on protecting your home at - Power...

Mac OS Ken: 03.12.2019

Mac OS Ken 13m 40s

- Apple Announces “Show Time” Event for 25 March - News Bundle, Video Streaming Announcements Expected on 25 March - Hardware Probabilities and Possibilities for 25 March Event - Report: Roku Close to AirPlay 2 Support - Apple to Live-Stream the Streaming Event - Mr. Mohan Goes Up on Apple - Leak...

Mac OS Ken: 03.11.2019

Mac OS Ken 11m 10s

- Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple AR Glasses Could Enter Production by Year’s End - iPhone Xs/Xs Max Reportedly Has Animation Stutter You Probably Can’t See - Apple Patent Seeks to Stymie “Stingrays” - Apple and Norway’s Progress Party Lock Horns Over Logo - Apple Music Snags Classic Artists for New Playlist...

Mac OS Ken: 03.08.2019

Mac OS Ken 12m 53s

- Signs of New iPhone Manufacturing for India - Verizon Offers “Buy One, Get One Free” on Samsung Galaxy S10 - Report: Someone May Be Cracking 4K iTunes Movies - Mac Mirror: Patents, Privacy, and the Sensitive CPU - Say Hello to Tim  - Apple and Annie Lennox Team for #GlobalFeminism Campaign - P...

Mac OS Ken: 03.07.2019

Mac OS Ken 14m 51s

- Ming-Chi Kuo Ups Galaxy S10 Estimates Based on Favorable iPhone Compare - Online Retailers Cut Price of iPhone in China - Report: iPhones Hold Considerably Higher Resale Value Over Androids - Apple Releases 13th Annual Supplier Report - Apple Apparently Fixed “Flexgate” in 2018 MBPs - Apple to ...

Mac OS Ken: 03.06.2019

Mac OS Ken 8m 46s

- FBI Director Keeps Knocking Where He Wants a Backdoor - Apple Registers Domain Name PrivacyIsImportant - A Change of Heart on Changed Batteries - Bloomberg: Digital Video Could Force Iger Exit from Apple Board - Cowen Analyst Thinks 5G Modems for 2020 iPhone Will Be Hard to Get - Apple Improves...

Mac OS Ken: 03.05.2019

Mac OS Ken 13m 41s

- Project Zero Outs Mac Security Vulnerability - Apple Buys Depth Sensing Camera Patents - Apple Wants to Know When Siri Goes Viral - Report: Washington DC Apple Store Opening This Spring - Spielberg Plans to Stifle Netflix at the Academy - Hollywood Takes Apple’s Money and Complains About Apple ...

Mac OS Ken: 03.04.2019

Mac OS Ken 14m 20s

- When Apple Met Shareholders - Thinknum: Apple Hiring More for Software Than Hardware - Munster: Four Big Apple Plays in 5G - Researcher Gives KeyChain Bug Details to Apple - Absher Can Stay in Google Play Store - Powell Jobs Ready to Invest in More Journalism - Power Mac OS Ken through Patreon ...

Mac OS Ken: 03.01.2019

Mac OS Ken 12m 41s

- Unreleased iPads Registered in India - RIAA: Streaming Drives Music Revenue Up in 2018 - BeatsX + Sacai = Beads! - EFF Calls for Truly Encrypted iCloud Backups - March is International Women’s Month for Apple - Take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how to get 3 months free at Expre...

Mac OS Ken: 02.28.2019

Mac OS Ken 13m 58s

- UBS Analyst: Worst of iPhone Worry Behind Apple - Strategy Analytics: 4Q2018 Sets Apple Watch and Smartwatch Records - PSA: No Lithium-Ion Batteries in Checked Bags on US Flights - FBI Still Demanding Consumer Level Encryption Backdoor - Cellebrite iPhone Hacking Tools on eBay for $100 - Confir...

Mac OS Ken: 02.27.2019

Mac OS Ken 11m 37s

- R.W. Baird Analyst Still Bullish on Apple - Apple Music on Google Home Devices Was a Bug, not a Feature - Apple Attacked By Another Texas Troll - KRON-ON: 24/7 Bay Area News for Apple TV - Apple Picks Ten Short on iPhone Winners - Take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find out how to get 3 ...

Mac OS Ken: 02.26.2019

Mac OS Ken 13m 51s

- Buffett’s Berkshire’s Got a Hold on Apple - 80% of iThings Running iOS 12 - 14 U.S. Lawmakers Request Removal of Absher App from App Stores - Staggered Sprint 5G Launch Starts in May - Confusion Around T-Mobile’s 5G Rollout - Bernstein Sees Little Point in Apple/Goldman Credit Card - KeyBanc Se...

Mac OS Ken: 02.25.2019

Mac OS Ken 16m 12s

- iOS and Android Apps Sending Personal User Data to Facebook with No Notice - Intel Tip Means No iPhone 5G Until 2020 - Apple to Ask Court to Reconsider VirnetX Verdict - Apple Closing Eastern District of Texas Store to Try to Stop the Trolls - Adobe Issues Fix for Destructive Premier Pro Audio ...

Mac OS Ken: 02.22.2019

Mac OS Ken 15m 42s

- Gartner Would Like a Cheap iPhone, Please - Apple and Alipay Strike Deal for More Affordable iPhones in China - Apple Says European Devs Have Earned $25B From App Store - Rumor: Apple + Goldman Sachs to Issue Apple Wallet Credit Card - Axios Backs Up Bloomberg Talk of ARM-Based Macs - Report: L...

Mac OS Ken: 02.21.2019

Mac OS Ken 17m 34s

- Bloomberg: Marzipan and Mac Pro May Show at WWDC - Munster: Apple Pay Paves Way for More Services - HSBC Goes Just Shy of Bearish on Apple - JP Morgan Sees Possible Break in iPhone Storm; Shift Focus to Services - Brevity is the Soul of Apple’s Project Titan White Paper - A Look at What it Take...

Mac OS Ken: 02.20.2019

Mac OS Ken 14m 59s

- Rosenblatt Analyst Says January Price Cuts in China Didn’t Help iPhone - UBS Analyst Says Too Soon to Tell About Price Cuts and iPhone in China - Strategy Analytics: HomePod Sales Grow in 4Q; Share Shrinks - Apple Adding Flexibility to App Subscription Offers - Barry Diller: Hollywood is Irrele...
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