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Mac OS Ken: 01.16.2019

Mac OS Ken 11m 50s

- Apple Outs Battery Cases for iPhone XS and iPhone XR - Report: Apple Replaced 11M iPhone Batteries in 2018, Up from Usual 1-2M - Wedbush: Apple Needs “Significant Price Cuts” for iPhone XR - DuckDuckGo Taps Apple Maps for Map and Search Results - Report: Verizon Unlimited Cell Plans to Include ...

Mac OS Ken: 01.15.2019

Mac OS Ken 16m 9s

- iPhone Chipmaker Dialog Semi Slips Through Guidance Window - Credit Suisse Sees Smartphone Production Down 19% This Quarter - MacRumors Sees Second Push for Upgrades for Apple - Piper Jaffray Sees Strength for iOS in the Enterprise - Second Streams for Single Users Dying on HomePod - HopePod to...

Mac OS Ken: 01.14.2019

Mac OS Ken 17m 9s

- HomePod to Hit China and Hong Kong on Friday - AirPower Rumors Resurgent - CNET: Shutdown Could Slow New Products - Tim Cook and Failure and Operations and Apple - The Economist Sees Smartphone Slowdown as Good News - Bohemian Rhapsody Behind-the-Scenes Feature Hits Apple Music - SimpliSafe - 2...

Mac OS Ken: 01.11.2019

Mac OS Ken 15m 36s

- HSBC Drops Apple Target to $160 on China and iPhone Concerns - Apple Drops Price of iPhone XR in China by $100 (Kind of) - Foxconn 4Q Revenue Drops 8.3-Percent - Millennials Buying on AAPL Weakness - Apple Maps India Gets Turn-by-Turn Nav and Ride Hailing Support - Sculley Sees Seismic Shifts i...

Mac OS Ken: 01.10.2019

Mac OS Ken 15m 18s

- Apple Sets Annual Shareholders Meeting for 1 March - August Announces HomeKit-Enabled Smart Lock - Macworld: HomeKit a Surprise Winner at CES - Former Facebook Worker (and Critic) Reportedly Hired by Apple - Project Titan’s Hitzinger Leaves Apple for Volkswagen - Apple Music Lyrics Expand to Se...

Mac OS Ken: 01.09.2019

Mac OS Ken 19m 13s

- iPhone XR Strongest Model in Weakened iPhone Market - Report: Apple Cuts iPhone Orders by 10 Percent - Tim Cook Talks Stuff and Things with CNBC - Samsung Restates Guidance Down for Last Quarter - Sony Hops on AirPlay 2 TV Train - Apple Keeps Running List of AirPlay 2 TVs - GE C-Reach Makes “Ma...

Mac OS Ken: 01.08.2019

Mac OS Ken 18m 24s

- Vizio Announces AirPlay/HomeKit Compatibility for Select TVs - LG TVs Join the AirPlay/HomeKit Party - Apple Shows Off HomeKit Kit Ahead of CES - U by Moen Smart Shower Getting Siri Support (Supposedly) - Numi 2.0: Go Like a Pro with Siri, HomeKit, and Alexa - Ben Bajarin: HomeKit/Siri/Airplay ...

Mac OS Ken: 01.07.2019

Mac OS Ken 16m 56s

- Samsung Smart TVs to Get iTunes Video App and Support for AirPlay 2 - New Phishing Scam: It’s Not Apple Calling - German Ban on Sale of Some iPhones Goes Into Effect - FTC Suit Against Qualcomm Begins - Apple Says Occasional iPad Pro Bends Due to Way New iPad Pro is Made - Report: Huawei Worker...

Mac OS Ken: 01.04.2019

Mac OS Ken 14m 9s

- App Store Sees Record Holiday Week - Lots of Lowered Price Targets - Goldman Analyst Raises Specter of Nokia in Apple Note - Apple “GiveBack” Taking Android Trade-Ins in China - RBC Charts Subscription Worries in App Store - China Gets Exclusive New Year Pair of Beats Solo3 - Apple Launches Bac...

Mac OS Ken: 01.03.2019

Mac OS Ken 13m 41s

- Cook Adjusts Holiday-Quarter Revenue Guidance Down to $84B - Tech Stocks Tumble in Apple’s Wake - Baidu CEO to Staff: “Winter is Coming” - MacRumors: Hits by iOS 13 Picking Up - Sign up to get a FREE company account and add up to 5 team members at
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Mac OS Ken: 12.31.2018

Mac OS Ken 14m 1s

- WSJ: How Apple Lost $9B (That It Didn’t Actually Lose) - Motley Fool: Here's How That $9B Wasn't "Lost" - Citi Research Cuts iPhone Unit Expectations - Netflix Kills iTunes Billing for New Subscribers - Apple May Still Have Plans for North Carolina Campus - Sign up to get a FREE company account...

Mac OS Ken: 12.28.2018

Mac OS Ken 15m 18s

- Munster: Apple to See Stronger 2019 Than Other FAANGs - Chinese Firms Praise Huawei and Punish Apple - Qualcomm Suggests Detaining Apple Lawyers in China - Report: Foxconn Mulls High-End iPhone Production to India - Former Apple Marketing Exec Returns Bendy iPad Pro - Sign up to get a FREE comp...

Mac OS Ken: 12.27.2018

Mac OS Ken 12m 44s

- CIRP: New iPhones Drawing More Switchers Than Years Past - Apple Expands iPhone Trade-In Promo Reach - Indian Official Signals Manufacturing Meeting with Apple Next Month - Dan Riccio Email Downplays Curvature of Some iPad Pros - Boxing Day Troll Sues Apple Over Wallet - Apple Music Opening Off...

Mac OS Ken: 12.21.2018

Mac OS Ken 13m 53s

- Qualcomm Wins Injunction Against Sales of Some iPhones in Germany - Apple, Qorvo, and Intel Respond to German Injunction - Apple Issues Update Version of iOS 12.1.2 - Needham Drops Apple Target from $260 to $200l; Likes the Lack of Unit Sales Data - Munster: Siri on HomePod Got Smarter in 2018 ...

Mac OS Ken: 12.20.2018

Mac OS Ken 15m 22s

- Jefferies Drops Apple Target to $225 in “Largely Positive” Note - MacRumors: iOS 12.1.2 Release Was About the Qualcomm China Injunction - Jedi Master Apple Says, “You’re Not Worried About the Bend” - Instagram Update Gets Hosed on iPhone XR and XS Max - Apple to Allow Gifting of In App Purchase...

Mac OS Ken: 12.19.2018

Mac OS Ken 15m 22s

- WSJ Paints Dismal Picture for Apple in India - Apple Hitting iOS Users with Unsolicited Ads for Apple Services - Apple Pay Gives and Gets Trouble in Switzerland - Apple Planned Austin Campus Gets County Approval - Paul McCartney and Emma Stone Anti-Bullying Video Hits Apple Music - Apple Music ...

Mac OS Ken: 12.18.2018

Mac OS Ken 15m 14s

- Apple Quick Releases iOS 12.1.2 - Update or Not, Qualcomm Says Apple Still Violating Chinese Court Order - T-Mobile Turns on eSIM in the States - Ratings Disappear and Reappear for App Store and Apple Podcasts - Apple Takes Shazam App Ad-Free - Apple Offers 10% Bonus to Funds Added to Apple ID ...

Mac OS Ken: 12.17.2018

Mac OS Ken 15m 52s

- Ming-Chi Kuo Drops March-Quarter iPhone Sales Guess by 20% - Apple Sued Over Screen Size and Pixel Count in iPhone X Lines - Amazon Alexa App Now Supports Apple Music - Apple Disconnects Apple Music Connect - Steam Dropping Support for Yosemite and Earlier Versions of Mac OS - Cydia: 2008 - 201...

Mac OS Ken: 12.14.2018

Mac OS Ken 16m 35s

- Apple Plans New Campus for Austin; Nationwide Expansion - Macquarie Drops Apple Target on Service Worries - Qualcomm Says iPhone Sales in China Violate Injunction - Qualcomm Seeks Injunction Against iPhone XS/XR Sales in China - Apple Plans Software Patch to “Fix” Qualcomm Complaint - Apple Pre...
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