The Human Bible

It is a book cobbled together long ago over the course of many centuries by regular, flawed human beings, and yet its contents are considered sacro...

Episode 035

The Human Bible 53m 38s

In this, the penultimate Human Bible show, hosted by the Center for Inquiry, Dr. Price examines whether or not the Book of Revelation was based on real visions and were there two Gerasene Demoniacs or only one, vis. Mark 5:2 and Luke 8:27 versus Matthew 8:28? What exactly does the word "lord" me...

Episode 034

The Human Bible 50m 59s

Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to interpret the book of Revelation, in episode 34 of The Human Bible with Dr. Robert M. Price. Then, did Peter personally air his dirty laundry through the Gospel of Mark, as apologists claim? Listeners ask about Genesis 9:13's rainbow on t...

Episode 033

The Human Bible 53m 11s

Check your prophetic scorecard and track how many years Adam's got left, while pondering whether fashion statements are in the Bible. Get up to speed on 1st century Judaism's idea of blasphemy and stumble with apologists over the question of universal salvation. Join Dr. Price as he disposes of ...

Episode 032

The Human Bible 1h 5m 28s

The Human Bible episode 32 begins by elaborating on "realized eschatology," continued from episode 31, and it only gets better. Join Dr. Robert M. Price as he sticks up for the Bible's insistence on four-legged bugs. Find out the answer to the question did Paul ascend to a heavenly Jerusalem, or...

Episode 031

The Human Bible 1h 4m 3s

Ever wonder why some stories appear in two or three gospels, but in very different forms? Why the changes in wording, and what significance do these changes have? Robert Price explains how through “redaction criticism” we can explain some of these differences and understand their significance. ...

Episode 030

The Human Bible 50m 6s

We start the episode getting up to speed on a basic idea: Does the New Testament say that Jesus is God? Next: a look at some of the classic examples of excuse-making in the Bible, also known as the convenient-but-confusing “Doctrine of Progressive Revelation.” Have you ever stopped to think abou...

Episode 029

The Human Bible 54m 10s

First off, we get up to speed with the Book of Job. Exactly what are we supposed to learn from this story? When bad things happen to good people, are they just being tested? Or are they being punished? Or is it just about suffering as a great learning opportunity? And while we’re at it, what doe...

Episode 028

The Human Bible 44m 58s

What exactly is the idea behind "love your enemy as yourself"? Bob shows us it's more complicated than you might think: It might be that you're supposed to love your enemy because you're hoping God will be the one to dole out punishment to the wicked (far more severely than you could). Or maybe ...

Episode 027

The Human Bible 49m 32s

The Human Bible returns for ten more episodes, kicking things off with a question that, if answered, could have literally cosmic implications: Did Ezekiel encounter alien spaceships? It's a more compelling question than you think. Also, Bob wonders if "did the historical Jesus actually exist?" i...

Episode 026

The Human Bible 42m 20s

This week we finally answer the big question on everyone's mind: Was Jesus a shape-shifter, YES OR NO? Also, what exactly is a concubine, in biblical terms? We answer some great listener questions: What in the world is going on in Matthew 27:51-53 where the author talks about the earth shaking,...

Episode 025

The Human Bible 50m 32s

As the ancient proverb says, you can't tell the Herods apart without a scorecard. We get up to speed this week on all the different Herods mentioned in the Bible. It's pretty well known that the Bible can be, to put it mildly, especially unkind to women. This week we take a brief look at one int...

Episode 024

The Human Bible 57m 12s

Big news! Human Bible t-shirts are now in stock. They're the best way to show the world that while the Bible may not be infallible, you think it's pretty damn fascinating. Pick one up today! As always, we get up to speed—this time we look at the evolution of a biblical text and learn how the Epi...

Episode 023

The Human Bible 38m 15s

This week on The Human Bible we get up to speed on the Torah. What sort of laws does it contain, and who enforces them? Some critics of the gospels claim that they were written by people playing, basically, a big game of telephone—how do apologists respond? We answer some listener questions: did...

Episode 022

The Human Bible 39m 24s

This week on The Human Bible, we ask: to whom was the Bible written? Is it meant to be read by anyone that happens to pick it up, or did its authors have a more specific audience in mind? We take a look at "the day the earth stood still!" The Bible says God lengthened a day for Joshua so he coul...

Episode 021

The Human Bible 59m 33s

This week on The Human Bible, we first get Up to Speed by answering some questions: What is the difference between Isreal and Judah? Between Israelite and Jew? And does Jew mean the same thing as Judean? We flip things around for this week's Apologetics is Never Having to Say You're Sorry: we pi...
This week, first thing's first: is your humble host actually Santa Claus? Listen and find out! We get up to speed on the predicted coming of Jesus and the nature of prophecy. When was Jesus born? Was it during the reign of Harod the Great, or a couple years after Harod died, during the course of...

Episode 019

The Human Bible 49m 41s

This week on The Human Bible we explain some of the differences between an historian and an apologist. How do historians decide if a story comes from mythology or from reality? A well known story in the Bible involves a mustard seed—in particular, it claims that they’re the smallest of all seeds...

Episode 018

The Human Bible 37m 9s

This week on The Human Bible we get a primer on some often mispronounced and misspelled Biblical terms. Prophecy, prophesy, prophesize? Is it Book of Revelation or Book of Revelations? During Apologetics is Never Having to Say You're Sorry, we wonder who Simon Peter was talking to when he denied...

Episode 017

The Human Bible 1h 1m 39s

This week on The Human Bible we carefully examine a very important figure in the Bible—John the Baptist. What did his followers really think of Jesus? Did they welcome him, or reject him as the... anti-Christ? In Apologetics is Never Having to Say You're Sorry, we learn about some more fascinati...

Episode 016

The Human Bible 50m 57s

This week we get up to speed on another Jewish sect: the Essenes. Some think the Dead Sea Scrolls are a collection of their writings—but are they really? We examine a prophecy in Isaiah 17 which suggests Damascus is going to be turned into a ruinous heap. The problem is that it... hasn't actuall...
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