Working Musician Podcast

Conversations with professional musicians about both surviving and thriving in the multifaceted business of making music. Topics include: Perfect pitch Berklee College of Music Christian McBride & Inside Straight Mack Avenue Records Bands SF Jazz Collective Open Studio Teaching Sideman vs. Leader
Excerpts from each conversation of 2018
Topics include: Copyright Royalty Board updates Extension of public comment period American Music Licensing Coalition Spotify
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: Composing and arranging Saxophone Temple University Score reading BMI Jazz Composers Workshop Reading Theater Project Alex Meixner Band Hot Club of Reading
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: U.S. Army Band "Pershing's Own" Education vs. training Warm-ups Confidence Auditions Black Masala Arlington Philharmonic Great Noise Ensemble Composition
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3  Topics include: Music Modernization Act AMP Act CLASSICS Act Copyright Mechanical Licensing Collective Copyright Royalty Board Performing Rights Organizations Music Publishing Administrators
Excerpts from episodes 59-62 featuring: Matt Wheeler Richard Stone Samantha Seider Jennifer Montone
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: Crowdfunding Tour routing Branding Sofar Sounds Canada Paying the band Merch Buyers vs. listeners Streaming  
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: Lute and theorbo Guildhall School Tempesta di Mare Reconstruction Peabody Institute Imagination Amherst Early Music Chandos Records Audiences
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: Open mics Recovering from mistakes Booking Facebook Live Prep School Contracts Working with an agency Wearing out your welcome Sustainability
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: Philadelphia Orchestra Leadership Brave opinions Balance The Sweet Spot Entrepreneurship  Curtis Institute of Music The Julliard School Identity
Excerpts from episodes 54-57 featuring: Rose Baldino Terry B. Ewell John Protopapas Andy Roberts
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: Berklee College of Music The Three Degrees Music in the Schools Musical theatre work Arranging Jazz The X Factor Recording as investment Being honest with yourself
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: East vs. West Systems of music Sitar and tabla Rhythmic poetry York College Private teaching House concerts Lecture demonstrations Recording
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: Bassoon Digital Professor Willingness to innovate Strategy Returning to an entertainment model Creating new audiences Bassoon-Family Fingering Companion International Double Reed Society Grant writing Bach in Baltimore 
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: Burning Bridget Cleary House of Hamill Celtic festivals Booking Casual listeners Video Branding personalities Playing styles Teaching
Excerpts from episodes 49-52 featuring: Joy Ike Cathy Jordan Vanessa Collier Andrew Hitz
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: Boston Brass Touring Pedal Note Media Shipping things Brass Junkies The Entrepreneurial Musician Math issues Portfolio careers Patreon
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: The Artist's Way Modern blues Berklee College of Music Songwriting and recording Publishing Intellectual property Keeping an open mind Teaching Knowing yourself
[DELETE] [EDIT] MP3 Topics include: Vocal health Dervish Touring Whirling Discs Finding the gems Leitrim Equation 2 The Unwanted Songwriting Rounder Records
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