Soup or Friends

Doug Ecks and Rebecca Leib discuss their existence, the changing Souplantation menu.
Lemon partied out? No worries. We have some cold pasta and piping hot paranoia for the tail end of April! Doug find success on keto, Robert's pregnant and Rebecca has a complete nervous breakdown during the lunch rush.

5: Lemon Party!!!!

Soup or Friends 42m 56s

When life gives you lemons...take them to the nearest Souplantation because they'll probably feel at home with this month's theme! Yes, April means lemon salads, mealy garbage ramen and long conversations about Debbie Reynolds with Doug's mom. Do you dare? Yes you do. It's a Lemon Party!
Doug and Rebecca are at it again...with their old friend Jack Daniels. This episode, we celebrate St. Patrick's day the way it aught to be celebrated: with booze, new slaws and a spoonful of "what the hell is happening in our lives" drizzled over zesty spring fare!
It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that ZING...("zing" used VERY loosely at Souplantation HQ). This fortnight, Rebecca talks psychic readings and Doug debates the pratfalls of shoplifting hummus as we  take on the new March Zing menu. Hope you like SLAW!

2: Fresco-dependent

Soup or Friends 41m 25s

Doug and Rebecca go back for the bottom half of Souplantation's Feburary Fresco menu. Rebecca talks about her breakup, Doug talks about the art of the improvised salad and both navigate the tender workings of the human heart.
In the pilot episode of SOUP OR FRIENDS, Doug and Rebecca talk about the February Fresco Menu: the torrid history of Souplantation, the mind-boggling non-lasagna of the luscious lasagna bake and ADDICTION (Martha's double chocolate).
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