The Mutant Season

12 year old Gil talks to adults with cool jobs and shares things that he likes with you!

Claire Schwartz

The Mutant Season 22m 9s

Gil is joined by the incredible Claire Schwartz to talk about her work with JPL and more!
Gil is joined by returning guest Dave Kloc!

Jamie Iovine

The Mutant Season 40m 50s

Gil is joined by Jamie Iovine (DJ, Wrestling Sheet Radio, CRO of Meltdown Comics)!

Caitlin Durante

The Mutant Season 33m 44s

Gil is joined by Caitlin Durante to talk about comedy, being program director of NerdMelt and The Bechdel Cast!

Sam Spina

The Mutant Season 20m 44s

Sam Spina joins Gil to talk about story boarding on Regular Show, comic books and his Nickelodeon short Hole!
Beau Ryan, Chloe May and Lan Bui join Gil to talk about MineChest (Minecraft subscription box), call of duty and Gil plays MineCraft VR!

Tara Tiger Brown

The Mutant Season 36m 39s

Tara Tiger Brown chats with Gil about Minecraft, LA Makerspace and being vegan!

Sean Bonner

The Mutant Season 25m 8s

Sean Bonner sits down with Gil to about what Safecast does, how to measure radiation and Japan!

Alexi Wasser

The Mutant Season 28m 38s

Gil chats with fellow Nerdist network podcaster Alexi Wasser about her podcast Love, Alexi, how she came up with the idea for her show and more!

Bianca Moran

The Mutant Season 31m 26s

Bianca Moran talks about her company Susi, what a sustainable shoe is, being vegan and much more!
Gil and Derrick VanDerMillen talk about working at Meltdown, "knowing" Green Lantern and Star Wars!

Tony Gardner

The Mutant Season 45m 20s

Gil takes Mutant Season on the road to special effects artist Tony Gardner's studio to talk all things special effects and his work on the upcoming Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse!

Oscar Dietz

The Mutant Season 27m 29s

Actor Oscar Dietz hangs out with Gil to talk about being from Denmark, how he got into acting and getting the role of Antboy!

Kyle Clark

The Mutant Season 39m 58s

Kyle Clark hangs out with Gil to talk about hosting the NerdMelt open mic and Simpsons trivia show, what cartoons they love and Kyle asks Gil a few questions about kids today!

Eddie Cordova

The Mutant Season 39m 52s

Eddie Cordova, who works at the pop up shop Phat Collectibles within Meltdown Comics, chats with Gil about what Phat Collectibles does, organizing nerdy events and playing video games!

Ashley Esqueda

The Mutant Season 42m 17s

Ashley Esqueda chats with Gil about her job as co-host of Tomorrow Daily on CNET, how she got into tech reporting and her favorite video games!

Cole Stratton

The Mutant Season 51m 38s

Cole Stratton hangs out with Gil to talk about being a founder of SF Sketchfest, hosting the Pop My Culture podcast here on Nerdist and more!

Dana Lechtenberg

The Mutant Season 30m 20s

Artist Dana Lechtenberg chats with Gil about how he became an artist, where he gets inspiration and doing art for Nerdist podcasts!
Actor Marc Evan Jackson hangs out with Gil to talk about all the shows Marc has acted in, doing the voice of Sparks Nevada in The Thrilling Adventure Hour and the importance of learning improv. They also talk about their mutual fascination with space!
Realtor Daniel Carson tells Gil what it has been like being a realtor in Los Angeles for over 20 years, some of the weirdest houses he has sold and how buying and selling a house works!
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