Here And There with Dave Marash

Our title is our concept: to go HERE (New Mexico) AND THERE (everywhere else) in search of news. With a few exceptions, each show will feature o...
Veterans Day, one of our national occasions to remember, to honor, all who served and to consider the causes in which our veterans have been asked to fight.  The holiday is an important reminder to remember.  Too few public reminders mean a lot of Hispanic-American history will be lost from Ameri...
First the New York Times revealed that Donald Trump’s fortune wasn’t built by himself, but with hundreds of million  of dollar given him by his father.  Now, Heather Vogell  of Pro Publica has led an 8 month investigation of the Trump family’s real estate dealings.  As you might expect, it’s not ...
Senior Counsel to The Wilderness Society, on the meaning and impact of the biggest sale of oil leases (in Southeastern New Mexico) in American History.
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