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Download web pages (e.g. Fan Fiction) into epub, Kindle/mobi and multi-column PDF files.

Example: Inside the fight over the sugar conspiracy


Read / Edit

TextFilter makes the web more readable by extracting the main text content from web pages. What's more, you can edit the text in your browser (title, content) before saving a file.


You can enter any chapter/URL of a FanFiction.net story and TextFilter will automatically find and bundle all the relevant chapters.

Bookmarklet, FireFox, WordPress, API

Use TextFilter while you surf the web. Add our bookmarklet (TextFilter It!) to your browser's toolbar and then click on it when reading a page.

We also have a WordPress plugin (that provides a download/email link at the bottom of your pages) and a FireFox extension that offers a context menu option (right-click) to open pages in TextFilter. (Chrome extension coming soon!)

And lastly, we have an API for generating eBooks.